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Chicken Coops

We hand build customized chicken coops and other pet homes.

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Keep in mind that we can customize any of these designs to fit you and your chickens needs.

Did you know that our mobile coops, also known as chicken tractors, come equipped with wheels, handles, or hitches for the larger models? This feature makes it easier to relocate the coop to different areas in your yard. Moving the coop offers several advantages, such as providing your chickens with daily access to fresh grass and bugs, reducing the risk of parasites, and allowing chicken droppings to enrich your lawn as natural fertilizer, rather than accumulating on the coop floor. Additionally, we provide aprons that can be attached to your coops to enhance predator protection.

Please note that due to the rising costs of materials that we use on our pet homes, our prices on this website are subject to change without notice.

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